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At CRNA Together, we focus exclusively on CRNA recruiting—nothing else. Because it’s all we do, our team has a razor-sharp understanding of this niche, the clients we serve, and the skill sets that make the difference. With over 20 years of experience servicing this space, it’s our mission to put our expertise and network to work on your behalf. Rather than focusing on just the transaction or a few placements, we’re committed to partnering closely with our clients and cultivating a value-driven relationship that produces results year after year.

We know that, far too often, if you need to hire 10 CRNA’s, that likely means you’ll have to be in business with 4-8 different firms. CRNA Together is here to change that and provide a better solution. Because we offer profit sharing to all of our CRNA’s, we’re able to maintain a robust roster of committed, highly-qualified CRNA’s year-round. We’re here to put your needs first and be your trusted staffing partner for however your hiring needs change from year to year.

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More ABout Our Profit Sharing

AT CRNA Together, we wanted to create something truly special and entirely unique: every CRNA that works with us is eligible for a profit-sharing percentage paid out at the end of the year. We know this isn’t found anywhere else in the healthcare staffing world, but we wanted to create a business environment where everyone had a vested interest in working together and achieving excellent results for our clients. Because we focus on building long-term relationships with our candidates, we’re able to reliably maintain a roster of professional, driven, and committed CRNA’s and provide exceptional solutions for our clients.

It’s important to note that this profit-sharing plan comes at no additional cost to our clients or CRNA’s. Additionally, to promote company-wide transparency, we also provide everyone we place with an annual audit for a detailed look at the financials. Why? Because we mean what we say: we’re in this together.

client testimonials

Pete Kallio
Wisconsin State Board of Nursing

“I’ve known Patrick Moore professionally for nearly ten years.   The concept of a staffing company sharing their profits with the very providers that work with them is long overdue. I’m proud to endorse Patrick and CRNA Together and I know this will be resounding success for everyone.”

Michael Berger

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Patrick Moore for a few years. His approach to travel CRNA staffing in unfounded. He’s honest, ethical, and his only focus is on making sure your assignment and opportunity are the right fit for you and his clients. All my assignments were smooth and outstanding.”

Dr. Ramsey, MD

“I have found Patrick Moore to be ethical, respectful, and hard working in achieving my goals. He is an effective communicator that provides a vital bridge with hospitals.  When you work with Patrick you feel he is vested in your interests and follows through with tangible results. Patrick goes above and beyond and I consider him a real friend in the business.”

Lance Kline, CRNA

“Making the decision to work with CRNA Together has been one of the best choices I have ever made. The hiring process was smooth, organized and seamless. This was my first 1099 job, and Patrick was there every step of the way answering questions, providing assistance, and giving guidance as needed. I have been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and feel recognized as a valued member of the CRNA Together team. This is a group of individuals, not numbers and I would highly recommend them.”

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