CRNA staffing done together

There’s no way around it: the best recruiting is recruiting built on relationships. For our clients, we’re here to work side by side to listen to your needs, understand your expectations, and deliver results that exceed them.  For our CRNA’s, we want to hear your story and help you identify your next best assignment; we also think you deserve a bigger piece of the pie, which is why we offer profit sharing for everyone we place. To learn more, get in touch with us today!


Pete Kallio
Wisconsin State Board of Nursing

“I’ve known Patrick Moore professionally for nearly ten years.   The concept of a staffing company sharing their profits with the very providers that work with them is long overdue. I’m proud to endorse Patrick and CRNA Together and I know this will be resounding success for everyone.”

Michael Berger

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Patrick Moore for a few years. His approach to travel CRNA staffing in unfounded. He’s honest, ethical, and his only focus is on making sure your assignment and opportunity are the right fit for you and his clients. All my assignments were smooth and outstanding.”

Dr. Ramsey, MD

“I have found Patrick Moore to be ethical, respectful, and hard working in achieving my goals. He is an effective communicator that provides a vital bridge with hospitals.  When you work with Patrick you feel he is vested in your interests and follows through with tangible results. Patrick goes above and beyond and I consider him a real friend in the business.”