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CRNA Together assists Sound Anesthesia with large-scale 50+ clinician program change within 60 days.

In November 2021, Sound Anesthesia was awarded the anesthesia management contract of a 50+ provider program in Phoenix, AZ that was transitioning from a previous anesthesia management company to Sound Anesthesia management. To complete this transition, Sound and CRNA Together worked together to fully staff the program with 60 days’ notice.  Sound needed to completely overhaul and staff over 50 new CRNA and MD-anesthesia providers – as the previous management group had non-competes of all the past CRNA and MD Providers.

Collaboration and trust between CRNA Together and Sound Anesthesia’s leadership team led to a fast turnaround and successful launch within the 60-day window.


Sound Anesthesia worked exclusively with CRNA Together as a collaborative staffing partner to staff over 25 CRNA and MD-anesthesia providers that started on time when Sound took ownership of the large Level 1 trauma hospital program.

Number of providers presented to Sound from CRNA Together: 33

Number of providers credentialed:


Number of providers that worked shifts:


Number of shifts from CRNA: 1402

Number of shifts from MD-Anesthesia:


How Did It Work

The leadership of CRNA Together and the Regional/C-suite leadership of Sound Anesthesia developed a transparent, trusting relationship. CRNA Together and Sound created a collaborative process to recruit, screen/interview, credential, and schedule over 50+ providers within the desired timeframe. Without weekly calls, access to clinical leaders, and a close credentialing relationship – none of this would have been possible.